Friday, May 23, 2008

The Animal Kingdom (ANIMALIA)

The Animal Kingdom is at once the Kingdom most and lest fammiliar to us. Almost all of the animals we commonly think of mammal, fish and birds belong to a single subgroup within one of the 33 Phyla comprising the Animal Kingdom.
On the other hand, over 100,00 species in some 25 animal phyla mostly small worms are so unfamiliar that they are virtually unknown to nonscientists. The same goes for several hundred thousand tiny insect-like species populating the Arthropoda phylum.
All told, around 800,000 species have been identified in the Animal Kingdom most of them in the Arthropoda phylum. In fact, some scientists believe that if we were to indentify all species in the tropical rain forests the ranks of Arthropoda would swell to over 10 million special.

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hashimah.harun said...

Phylum dan divisyen adalah istilah yang sama.