Friday, May 23, 2008

Spinal Cords (Chordata)

Spinal Cords (Chordata)

All animal having a spine, including fish, mammal, birds, reptiles, amphbians, sharks and eels are grouped into Chordata.

Because these animals are so familiar to us, biologists have come up with elaborate classfication sdhemes including subphyla, superclasses, infraorders and the like.

The vast majority (including all the classes listed above) fit into the subphylum Vertebrata thise having a ackbone. Subphyla Agnatha, jawless fish, includes certain eels such as the Lamprey. Cephalochordata and Tunicata round outthe list of subphyla with fairly obscure creatures called Lancelets and Tunicates, repectively.

All told, this familiar phylum includes 45,000 species of wich you are just one.

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